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Receive opportunities to quote for new compliance certification work, with immediate payment and easy automated instruction detail. Simply quote for work, receive instruction, complete the test, upload the certificate and get paid immediately.

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  • Easy Online Payouts

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Receive New Work.

Get access to as much certification work as you can handle.

Free To List.

It costs nothing to register.

Total Control.

You specify the date for the work, the cost and only accept the work if you want to.

Simple To Use.

You get notified of any potential opportunity, and you respond with one click of a button, accept the job, complete the work and simply upload the certificate.

Instant Payment.

As soon as the certificate is uploaded the system automatically pays directly into your account.

Save Time.

Invoicing automatically generated.

Easily Manage Remedial Work.

Simply specify required works, the price and then send on with one click of a button, receive payment once satisfactory certificate is uploaded.

Easy Management Of Work.

once the works are accepted you are notified. The job is booked in with the tenant and you are notified of access arrangements.

Easy To Use Dashboard.

As a certie contractor you will have access to a very easy to use dashboard with details of all accepted work and potential work.


  • Sign up for FREE

  • Easy Online Payouts

  • Receive Leads For Free

Contractor FAQs.

  • Payment is made automatically once the certificate has been uploaded. An invoice is automatically generated in your brand colours and as your bank details are in the system, payment is auto generated. There will be a 10% commission deducted at source.

  • Once you are a certie approved contractor then you will get notifications of jobs to quote for in your specified area.  You will then quote and give the date and time and when successful this is booked in and you are notified.

  • There will be an instruction on the job sheet giving details on whether to collect a key or go straight to the house.

  • You would still upload and get paid and you are able to quote for and specify the remedial work required.

  • There is a simple to use dashboard that very clearly specifies all of the active work, pending work and any opportunities to quote for.

  • No problem just press the reject the job button.

  • It is free to join and to quote for jobs, there is a 10% charge for any work paid for through the system.

  • Yes there is a billing section in your dashboard that you can print or download.

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